Draft- Flipped inside out 002

I learn to be here, becoming,
as each riding curl of water,
rolls towards my toes
and retreats.

Nothing stays the same here

– liminal layered space/ place

Black Sea – Sea black.
Night is my skin …

These sands must testify

for the desires of the masters

and yet I stand here breathing

not doubting my back toes

digging in, claiming healing

2 thoughts on “Draft- Flipped inside out 002

  1. Just thinking about the shape of these 30 poems you’re focused on and remembering your photographs with text, which I still have; some of these new poems would fit into some of your photos – and possibly your art pieces.

    Just a thought! X


    1. Yes I see what you mean Maggie. It’s an idea. Just focused on completing the month first and then will have time abs space to step back and assess what to keep and develop. But I’m doing it and that’s the main thing.


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