unnamedHello, I’m Sheree.

I’m Creatrix: she who makes.

I’m an artist, a teacher and a facilitator of creativity who’s been sharing my authentic self online for so many years now I’ve lost count.

I’ve got over 20 years experience of being in service to and supporting women on their journey to follow their heart, to listen to their intuitive voice and to remember their whole self again through sharing my journey and practice to remembering my true self. 

My practice includes abstract painting, photography and the magic of visual journaling which incorporates paints, images, words, collages, quotes, photography, heart and soul and self-compassion. 

I’m also the creator and host of The Earth Sea Live Podcast, created to showcase the stories of women, feminine and non-binary people who are Black, Indigenous or a Person of Colour and their relationship with nature.

I share my journey and creative practice to inspire you to start or deepen yours. 

Welcome, thanks you for landing here. 

I hope we get to know ourselves and each other better.


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