“We must recognize and nurture the creative parts of each other without always understanding what will be created.” – Audre Lorde


I’m a writer, an artist, a teacher and a facilitator of creativity who’s been sharing my authentic self online for so many years now I’ve lost count.

I’ve got over 15 years experience of supporting women on their journey to follow their heart, to listen to their intuitive voice and to remember their whole self through sharing my journey and creative practice. 

I studied art and design to GCSE level. I wanted to continue with my art studies but my art teacher at the time wasn’t encouraging. He favoured my best friend’s artwork over mine and made sure I knew it. So I took French instead of Art at ‘A’ level to spite him. But all I was doing was hurting myself as I stopped creating art for many years, believing I wasn’t good enough. I’ve regretted that decision for a lifetime it seems.

I channelled my creativity into my teaching and then as a freelance writer, always denying myself the time and space and freedom to create visually.  My art teacher’s lack of encouragement weighed heavily on me. But I can’t blame him as it’s been me who’s been preventing me from picking up a paintbrush. I didn’t feel as if I had a right to be an artist or to make art.

I don’t think that way anymore. My artwork is a unique expression of myself. It reflects how I see and feel and experience the world around me. I know that no one in this world can create what I create. My creations are unique and because of that they are enough. I am enough.

I do not confine myself to a specific medium or genre of art. I like to use a range of different mediums to express what I’m searching for and want to share. I gain immense joy and flow and peace from making art.  I hope you can experience this joy too when you visit my online studios.

Making art has been an excavation for me. It’s been an act of reclamation; of my mind, my body, my voice. It has been a practice in reclaiming my agency as well as my happiness. Creating has given me the time and space and energy to process and heal from trauma that probably still holds a place in my heart and soul but without which I wouldn’t be who I am now.

Thank you for being here. Please get in touch if you have any questions or requests for commissions.

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