It’s Live – Rise Up Rooted

I totally forgot yesterday, My head was down as I concentrate on my essay I’m writing. But today I remember. And I’ve signed up. The Rise Up Rooted Symposium is live. Check out the schedule for the free virtual symposium about about nature, connection and rewinding.

My conversation is live tomorrow then I share about my relationship with the sea and the healing properties. But there are some ready to be watched now. It’s free to join. Just add your emails and start watching. You can upgrade to an all access pass which means you get to watch all the videos in your own time and pace. I’ll get a percentage of the fee. But no pressure. Watch for free and tell me what you think.

Mine is out tomorrow and can be watched for 48 hours afterwards for free.

Time to Water Your Roots: The Rise Up Rooted Wellness Symposium

The Natural world – from the heavens to our gardens – has so much to give and to teach us

I just manage to get this note in under the wire as today still is in the month of April. But this month has been a busy one. If not being away dog and house sitting then one of birthday celebrations, as both my babies were born in April. I have also been trying to crack on with a commissioned essay, and managed to present something decent at the final event in connection to my exhibition at the BALTIC.

Coming out of my hibernation into a full on month has had its trials and tribulations. But I know what has kept me on the straight and narrow and mostly full of joy has been my connection with nature.

I missed the sea at the beginning of the month, because I was land locked. But this was an ideal time to appreciate the blossom. Cherry blossom, apple blossom, plum blossom, pear.

I’ve always loved on blossom. The blousy pink and white blooms, just fill me with joy and gratitude. I’ve been putting myself in the path of beauty as Cheryl Strayed would argue. Then once I returned back to the North-East it was time to reacclimatise with the sea after an almost three week break. And it was painful. But I needed to get back in, to get close with her, and remind myself that I am alive. And this life is a gift. The sea, along with nature as a whole, is my medicine. And I feel it deep when I am not taking my medicine, through choice, circumstances or self-neglect.

Nature is always there for me when I’m in need or guidance. And I’m grateful for this connection. Even while I worry that we are losing more and more species and ecosystems, I keep faith and hope that we can work together to recognise and reconnect with ourselves, each other and nature to bring about systematic change to benefit all species, and the generations to come. Even in the little ways we show up for nature all count in the grand scheme of things, I think. This is why I’m excited about

🌳 The Rise Up Rooted Global Wellness Symposium 🌳

Join me on May 15th and let the Natural world lead you back home to yourself!

🌳 The Rise Up Rooted Global Wellness Symposium 🌳

Reconnect with the Earth, Reawaken Your True Nature, and Rewild Your Busy Life!

EVENT AIRS: Monday – Friday, May 15 – 19, 2023

Click here to join now for FREE! 

I’m delighted to be a featured speaker at this free global event, created by my friend Alex Strauss to serve busy people all over the world. The 5-Day Rise Up Rooted Global Wellness Symposium, May 15 – 19, is your invitation to devote a few quiet minutes each day to your own well-being. I’ll be sharing more about my connection with nature and how she helped me fall in love with myself and others as part of a panel of 20+ featured speakers. From these authors, coaches, speakers, physicians, teachers, and healers, you’ll learn practical ways to…

  • Clear space in your life to connect with the healing and uplifting power of the Earth, even when life is crazy busy
  • Find hope and inspiration for uncertain times
  • Learn simple, Natural self-care practices you can use anywhere
  • Boost immunity, beat stress, and re-energize by growing and eating your own organic herbs and vegetables
  • Reignite your creative spirit 
  • Bring the life-affirming power of “forest bathing” into your everyday life (even if you don’t have a forest near you)
  • Attune to the seasons and cycles of the Earth (and stop working against them!)
  • Recognize and apply “life lessons” from the Natural world
  • Become more intentional about the time you spend outdoors…and indoors
  • Embrace the power of mindfulness in Nature to quiet your busy brain

and so much more!

CLICK HERE to RSVP for this free event. When you register, you’ll be notified when my interview and other speakers’ interviews are available to watch. 

This isn’t like any nature-focused event you’ve seen before. During this five-day journey, you’ll learn not only WHY we all need more Nature now, but also HOW to integrate more Nature into your daily life, and exactly WHAT to do when you you do get outside.

Note: This event was created for busy people. None of these pre-recorded interviews are longer than 45 minutes, so it’s easy to watch or listen during the day, whenever it’s convenient for YOU!

I really hope you’ll decide to invest a few hours between May 15 and May 19 with me and the other speakers. I know you will come away renewed, recharged, reconnected, and ready to tackle whatever comes next!

CLICK HERE to register now.

I hope to see you there!

Sheree x

PS – Don’t worry if your bare feet haven’t touched the Earth for months or you’re not a gardener. The Rise Up Rooted Global Wellness Symposium is NOT about any one way to connect with the Earth. Instead, it’s about simple, practical steps we can all take in our day-to-day lives to be healthier, happier, and more peaceful in body and mind. (Some of them can even happen while you sleep!) CLICK HERE to RSVP now.

PAD/ 013 – we were born under a beautiful harvest moon

we dance with the flames

our bodies slathered in light,

years to come, we’ll be seen

in slow motion, again and again

arms raised, bricks thrown,

reaching for what was promised.

we are the sea – tides juicy with man’o wars

funny how much authority desire has over us

we want to be on the inside, wear the crown,

instead we’re always drowning in the shallows

trying to make something out of nothing;

make tenderness towards the turned backs.

Crime Fiction – Page 2

The Beginning

I open my mouth wide, my tonsils touch the air and I scream but nothing comes out. I awake with a jolt into a heavy haze like coming up for air from a deep deep ocean. My head pounds, thump, thump, thump. Where am I? I have no recollection of this place. A room swims into focus. I’m on a high hard bed with white bars behind my head, pressing. Did these bars give me my pounding head or something else? A honeycomb patterned bedspread in a cornflower blue is covering my body. The loose ends are wound tightly around my body. My body? I want to move, I try to move but nothing happens.

My mouth is tight and full of sand. Sharp stinging pains shout out from my throat. I taste chalk. My skin itches like the trample of insects’ feet. I need to wash. I have to wash. I shift but no further. It doesn’t feel like my body. My head rushes like a burst stream headlong into emotions. But my body, this body is heavy, too heavy for mine.

When I was a little girl, littler than now, I used to imagine myself out of my body. When things got too bad, when I felt the cold, damp earth underneath. The cold slowly seeped through the skin to nest in the bones. Then my mind rushed out of the boat shed and slammed the door shut tight.

Now, my weary head searches for answers, why am I here? The search finds no good reasons or memories. No mummy or daddy hugging on me with love. No sisters or brothers to play with. Just passed from one ready made family to another. Until no one wanted a too grown up child, so they kept me in the care home. And used me. The thirst for love, for company, always there but no amount of water could ever quench. Even though my mind dived into the fast flowing river.

Here, I lie on this hard bed as silent tears collect in my ears. It’s not enough water. I have to cry these little girl tears.

I open my mouth wide, my tonsils touch the air and I scream.


we crave joy. we need safety

Words: adapted from ‘Conjuring Hands: The Art of Curious Women of Color’, by gloria j. wilson, Joni Body Acuff and Venessa Lopez

we crave joy. unmediated, defined by self, not by others.

for me, joy is intertwined with the idea of ‘safety’.

for me safety means not only protection from White hands that hold sticks, stones, batons, and guns.

but also safety from White minds and from White eyes.

in the past, in attempts at safety, i have resorted to running, literally and figuratively.

i fold in on myself to avoid harmful interactions. to keep myself safe.

i’m no longer prepared to relegate myself to the corner of the room. i go to the waters seeking guidance from the ancestors, seeking safety, seeking joy.

Winter Sunrise

I’m grateful for the time I got to spend with Izzy, a golden, soft spirited dog this past week. She helped me slow down as well as to remember the love. We also managed to experience some beautiful sunrises too.

Tynemouth, Boating Club Beach, 29 January 2003, 07.53am