Acting as if it were possible*

Visual journaling 20/05

I’m feeling a shift in how I’m showing up in the world. How I use language. How I communicate and connect with self and others.

It isn’t just happening now, this isn’t the beginning. There can be no true beginnings because we always come to things, projects, conversations, issues in the middle of our experience of it.

We’ve already been thinking about it, feeling it, ruminating about it. So when we say we’re starting on something or embarking on something, it’s not the beginning but the next step on that journey we began many many moons ago.

So when I say I’m feeling a shift, the foundations of such were laid down and built upon from time. Maybe it’s just a case of seeing and feeling the repercussions or effects of it now. Things are become tangible now.

But yes, I’m believing and acting as if it were possible. That anything is possible. Always.

After a quote by Angela Davis.

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