Studio Notes Have Moved

In my Spring Colours collection

Hey, how you doin’?

I’m not going to take up much of your time. I just thought I’d pop on in here to let you know that Studios Notes have moved on over to Substack.

To be honest, I ran out of patience with Mailchimp like years ago but didn’t have the energy to suss out something better.

And then Substack came along and did all the heavy lifting behind the scenes for me. So job done.

If you’re not signed up then just go ahead and do so now. Studio Notes are mostly cling at ya, once or twice a month, detailing one i’ up to or pondering or planning.

Studio Notes are usually an intimate look into my practice and what’s up in Sheree’s world. Really informal, usually behind the scenes peeks and complaints

So if you fancy getting a little bit closer to me, then sign up. And if it’s not for you then you can always unsubscribe.

Next edition of Studio Notes is going out next week before the end of March. So get right on it so you get your copy too. Thanks 🙂

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