Permaculture Design

Full Online Permaculture Design Course for Artists and Creatives

“The most important application of permaculture design is looking at nature and using it as a template, as a guide, for us to create our sustainable cultures.”

Larry Santoyo,
Founder of the Permaculture Academy

I am most grateful to be working with Liz Postlethwaite again, after the introduction course to Permaculture for artists and creatives, to now be embarking on the Full Permaculture Design Course with the gift of a scholarship place.

The Full Online Permaculture Design Course is a unique 72 hour course which takes the classic Permaculture Design Course as a starting point, but has been specially developed to cater to artists and creatives in order to deepen our permaculture design skills within our practices. The aim is to bring a truly regenerative focus into our work and lives.

I’m just trying to get to grips with what Permaculture and Permaculture Design are, how they differ and how all of this is going to show up in my forthcoming projects and activities. I’m excited to get my head around everything.

The basic premise it that everyone and anyone can practice Permaculture Design. There is no need or reason to be specially trained. Permaculture Design comes down to how we choose to show up in the world, how we choose to treat the Earth, each other, our kin and communities, now and in the future. The underlining ethos of Permaculture Design is care. Earth Care, People Care and Future Care.

Over the next year, I’ll be learning more about Permaculture Design and putting it into practice as it’s no good otherwise. This course will be used to deepen my creative practice and bring a new ethical foundation to my practice so I’m much more mindful and better at supporting and protecting our ecosystems, people and nature together, interconnected, so our cultures shifts from one of destruction and over-exploitation to regenerative.

The course takes place from Saturday 22nd April 2023 to Wednesday 3rd April 2024 and includes 72 hours of live online sessions delivered as 2 x 3 hour sessions per month. These are supported by additional online resources, guest teachers, and virtual project visits.

You don’t do Permaculture, you use it in what you do.

Larry Santoyo,
Founder of The Permaculture Academy

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