TRACE Mentorship Programme

Seascape Series

The inaugural TRACE Mentorship Programme, with generous support from the Genesis Kickstart Fund, is launching a year-long no-cost mentorship programme for 24 female-identifying photographers over the age of 35. And I’m one of the 24.

Last weekend, we had our first face to face meet up in Manchester. It was while Haley Morris -Cafiero was describing the programme and what it entailed that I realised what a tremendous opportunity this is for me practice. I got goosebumps and came right smack into the present moment with the realisation and what I could do within this programme. How I could fly.

Working with the team of Haley Morris-Cafiero, Sian Bonnell, the director, Sebah Chaudhry and Polly Palmerini, the TRACE mentorship programme will provide workshops, one-to-one mentorships, peer networking, portfolio reviews and an exhibition opportunity for photographers who are selected for the programme. All delivered on line.

To be chosen as the final 24 from over 150 submissions is an honour as well as a recognition of my worth as a photographer, Creatrix. I look forward to sharing the developments of the programme as things go on.

Trace Mentorship Update – 3rd November 2022

Portfolio Review Sample, October 2022

A recent addition to my portfolio has been details about my Trace Mentorship opportunity. This was an applied for opportunity to experience the time and space to focus on my photography through a structured programme with other women over 35 years old.

Through a series of talks, presentations, peer and professional reviews, the aim is to gain confidence, knowledge, exposure and further opportunities to develop our skills and establish our practice.

I haven’t really been able to devote the required time and attention to this programme due to immersing myself within the BALTIC commission, it feels like for most of 2022. With this being complete and installed, back from Washington State, now I have the time to really get to grips with this opportunity.

It started with a portfolio review with three experts. I had the great pleasure and honour of talking one on one with Hettie Judah, Cindy Sissokho and Bindi Vora. And what a tremendous opportunity this was to sit down with them (virtually) and talk about my work, my vision, my mission etc. 

Not only were they very positive and supportive about my work, but they also offered inspiration, encouragement, reassurance and permission. Yes from talking to these people within the know, my practice, what I’m doing, or trying to do was recognised and appreciated. 

I was given back permission and the confidence to keep doing me. To keep pushing the boundaries, to not place limitations on myself, my practice, or what a photograph can be/ can do. 

I’m in a much better place now to expand my way of being, seeing and doing, and continue to bring my mixness, hybridity to what I do. I’m excited to see where this takes me. 

I’m enjoying the process as usual and not worrying about the end product. And I’m taking my time, embracing the slow. This feels nourishing and good for my soul.

Defining my focus – 3rd November 2022

Portfolio Review Sample, October 2022

I’m merging myself, self-portraiture, with nature. Self assimilated with nature. I’m exploring my connection with nature through photography( for now!).

I’m exploring the environment and the visibility of Blackwomen within the landscape. Using the photographic image to tell a story. In the process reclaiming the narrative of Blackwomen and nature and photography.

I’m exploring the Blackwoman’s space and visibility in love and in relationship with nature. My audience is the Blackwoman. I want her to enter the space I create through my practice and recognise herself there. I want her feel that she belongs, feel the joy and all the lushness created in that space.

This will be a multidisciplinary experience. This will be a celebration of mixness, hybridity and our bodies in love with nature.

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