#100 Days of Abstracts

As a means of honouring the process rather than the product, with the focus being on practice, trial and error, I gentle offer myself the space of completing 100 abstract paintings starting 1st Jan 2019.

I purposefully kept the challenge loose and open. There are no rules except completing a piece each day on a sheet of A3 paper using acrylic paints. I don’t allow myself to overthink things either as when that happens, nothing gets done.

At this point, (10/02/1019), I’m 43 pieces in. I’m learning so much about myself and how I work. How my process changes as I search and develop my unique visual language. I’m still excited as I come to the paper each day.

I will share a selection of pieces here as I work my way through the remaining pieces. I’m thinking of offering some of them up for sale at the end of the 100 days. I know I will do some wallpaper drops for my supporters over on Patreon as an extra thank you.

Keep checking back as I keep updating this part of the portfolio.

003 – I am in the process living more of me 
005 – Pink when you’re blushing inside 
006 – the land of honeyed pain 

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