Visual Journaling – Part 2

There are days, sometimes weeks that go by when I forget how much my creative practice depends on visual journaling.
When I get into a groove, mixing colours on the blank page and then filling it with text and images, it becomes second nature. Seldom do I backtrack and appreciate the time and effort and intuition that goes into making each page.
It was just this month, while decluttering my bedroom, I spent some time going through my May – June 2019 journal. I struck by how beautiful the accumulated pages were and how together they create such a profound collection of moments that I just have to look at a page and know what I was feeling or thinking or planning at that point.
I do not visual journal to create pieces of art. I practice it to keep in communion with my wise, internal self.
It gives me great pleasure to share some spreads with you here.
I’m always available to facilitate one or a series of visual journaling workshops on a 1 to 1 basis, small or large groups as well.
Just get in touch to find out more about what it could entail and prices.


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