Visual Journaling

A3F0660C-CC06-4DF3-AE80-C24D9384A7DF.jpegEach day, usually in the morning, and sometimes when everyone else is asleep, I visual journal. This is my time and space to talk to myself. To have those all important conversations with myself about all that is happening in my life. This creative practice is my life line. But what is visual journaling?

After a very traumatic period in my life, in August 2015, we went on a Scottish Highlands and Islands retreat. It was during this time miles away  from everyone and  the internet, I put down my thoughts and feelings on paper. But they didn’t come out all neat and tidy within narrow lines. No. To express my inner turmoil, my pains and pleasures, words were just not enough any longer. I had to learn how to express my heart and soul in colour; paints and oil pastels, images; photography and drawings, collage and stamps and stickers and anything else that I could get my hands on which could be squeezed into my journal.


Through this practice, I started to heal. I started to listen to my core wisdom and take back my voice again or maybe even for the first time. I learned to appreciate my intuition and individuality. I learned to love myself, all of myself, faults and all.

Each day, I return to the page to work out my kinks, to explore my trials and troubles and joys in order to face the world with the better version of me. And some days,  I succeed in this while other days I don’t but I appreciate this is a practice and visual journaling supports me on this journey.


I share this practice in workshops, especially created for women. I took this practice to Iceland this summer for a creative retreat. I’m now entering the process of making a short ecourse around this practice. If you’re interested in this practice drop me an email, or get on the Studio Notes list to find out when all is ready.

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