Sheree Mack Writes

88D581E4-EAA3-4EB2-BEE1-8B42DC7841E5.jpegI got to thinking, that in the redraft of this website, I took away my writing. I set up a sistasite for that and then failed to write there. Over the past few weeks coming back into this space through the blogging and #100dayproject stuff, I’ve realised I’ve missed sharing my creations with you, my publications, my works in progress.

I still have my Patreon page where I share my Slow Writing of the next instalment of my memoir which I will tell you about here in time. But I just feel the need to share some of my recent writings because as I search for a language which exists between the known and the unknown my voice is changing. My voice is always changing and I suppose I want to document or showcase this some how.

Creating this portfolio was my answer. We’ll see how it goes. I hope to be adding to it regularly.


Don’t Sacrifice Your Skin for Anyone,  

Something Other

my true self, The Phoenix Soul

suggestive here of rest or of sleep, Nine Muses Poetry

Paradise, The Last Black Woman and Go Seek Help,  Nine Muses Poetry

Loosening the Bounds


Duplex (you grow from every mistake you have ever made),  Nine Muses Poetry


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