A little gem

Loch Lomond with (un)interrupted tongue by Dal Kular

I had the pleasure of carrying this book of poetry with me on my walk along the West Highland Way last week.

I mentioned to Dal that I’d be taking her along for the adventure through carrying her recent poetry collection release, (un)interrupted tongues.

It’s a slender collection so no weight at all to carry long with me. But that’s just limiting this collection to it’s physical size. Emotionally and psychologically this first collection of poetry from Dal packs a punch.

Exploring her cultural heritage through her mother and father as well as being a lone brown girl in a northern town, I saw myself in a lot of what I read. I empathised with the child written off by the British education system but by herself also.

I recognise the potential and freedom and transformation that is made possible for the speaker within this collection through creativity, through playing with language. Through this practice, we can (re)create ourselves on our own terms and return home to ourselves.

Gaining an understanding of where we’ve come from, our rich heritages and ancestors, gives us a solid foundation from which to reach for the stars.

Within this collection, even when our links with the our histories and cultures are no longer with us physically, what we continue to learn from them and appreciate about the gifts they have bestowed on us through their presence and love remains with us now and into our uncharted futures.

This collection from Dal Kular is a little gem that keeps on giving and is definitely something I treasured on my travels and now as I return home to me.

Loch Lomond with (un)interrupted tongue by Dal Kular

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