Today was a brilliant day for creativity and space. A dear friend of mine, Theresa Easton, artist and printmaker, saw some of my recent artwork on Instagram and invited me down to her studio to try out some monoprinting.

I wasn’t sure really what I was letting myself in for so I rocked up later than expected with my sketchbooks and notebooks and talked a little about my work and themes.

Theresa had everything set up for me and took me through a few simple techniques and processes to try out first to create colourful backgrounds to then build layers upon. This was definitely within my comfort zone as I found the layers created mimics the backgrounds I create for visual journalling upon. Nice.

Well I was just like a kid in a sweet shop and loved the time and space to just play around with colour and paper, with no expectations or deadlines or need to be perfect. I totally got engrossed in the process. Creating new ways to produce prints along the way. Ways I’ll probably not be able to remember or replicate. But am I bothered? No. Because today was all about trial and error.

It was a magical process;  simply rolling out some water soluble ink on a plastic sheet and then maybe rubbing some away with a wet one or scratching in some marks with a pencil or paintbrush. This process can create some wonderful prints once run through the printing press.

And then once I started to use some of my own images, photocopying then to etch into the ink or trace onto the ink, well I was in monoprinting heaven. And the beauty of the process is that nothing can be recreated. Everything produced is one of a kind, hence the name mono-printing.

I’ve come away now with my creative pot full, ideas a flowing and so many prints to work with through adding more layers to, sticking into visual journals, collaging with, or whatever. Once you know the rules or processes you can quickly and easily make it your own. This is something I definitely want to explore further.

Thank you Theresa for a great day out( well in the studio, really).

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