Living Wild Studios

Creativity + Soul + Love = Belonging

Welcome home.

This is how I feel when I walk into Living Wild Studios. Finally a home, a safe place to rest all my creations and musings and yearnings.

My name is Sheree, by the way.
I’m a Creatrix. Working with text and image, paints and photos, I attempt to connect on a soulful level with the other people as I make sense of this world we live in. Sometimes I succeed while other times I fail. Or to be more precise, learn a vital lesson. But I always keep practicing.

I have over 15 years experience of facilitating and supporting and encouraging other people, particularly women, on their journeys to follow their hearts, to begin to listening to their authentic voices and start to create their whole selves.

Come on in, you’re welcome to stay a while. And start listening to the voices from within, whispering there is another way to live your life. A whole-hearted way

Come take my hand and let me show you around.

2 thoughts on “Living Wild Studios

  1. Hi Sheree,
    Thanks for the introduction. I’ve been taking a look around your site and I love your use of the haibun in your poetry. It’s such an expressive artform that I hadn’t come across before.


    1. Hi Jo
      Thanks for stopping by the site and engaging with the content. I’ve got a link somewhere on the site where you can find out more about haibun as a form of poetry. I think is expansive and specific. I hope you give it a try yourself 🙂


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