Iceland Insights


I’ve been thinking of 2018. I’ve been making plans. The New Year will see me visiting Iceland again for a few days. I’m hoping to catch a glimpse of the Northern Lights. While on retreat in March in Pingeryi, I briefly got to witness some pale ivory lights by down the sea shore. Their movement was magical and sublime. I’m getting ready for more.

In preparation for the creative retreat planned for June, I’ve revisiting in January to complete the final touches also. As a means of getting me in the mood over Christmas, I’ve been creating an Iceland Oracle deck of cards through a course from Tara Leaver. These cards are linked in with #icelandinsights; a photo/ journal prompt challenge I’m running during the month of January.

I’ll be posting images and text each day during January 2018 on IG, Facebook, Twitter and here. And you are more than welcome to join me. Use the #icelandinsights and we’ll be able to find each other.

Favourite photo of me …

It’s difficult to choose a favourite photo of myself for this day’s reflection. I have loads of photos of myself after taking up self-portraiture for healing a few years ago. If you’ve read The Phoenix Soul interview in November you’d know there was a time I couldn’t look myself in the eye. Taking daily photos became my medicine and helped me turn disgust into love. But it is a continuous practice.

At the moment, this image is a favourite. Why? Because within this image I see a soft beauty with a quiet strength. This woman knows who she is and isn’t afraid to show the world this. Within the light and shade there is an open vulnerability.  She chooses love instead of hate every time that’s why she can stare straight into the lens without turning away, without closing down. Here I see an open face comfortable with the gaze.



I see these turbines and they remind me of giant silver daffodils. I imagine that they are drawing circle after circle uonnthe air, the wine, the sky. #decemberreflections2017