ruby wolf press


A few years ago, I created an independent publishing press called ruby wolf press. Initially, the focus was to publish nature writing by women as from experience I was finding that the majority of such writing in circulation were by men. ruby wolf press was created to bring about more of an equilibrium.

ruby wolf press still supports this premise, but after a year in hiatus, this publishing press comes back with a much more wider and important remit.

ruby wolf press is here to share the raw and authentic writings of woman who are REWILDING.
What does this mean? Well REWILDING is a concept I bring here from WSW.

“For me ‘to rewild’ means to get back to our true authentic selves. To step away from the standards that society states I should live by in order to be accepted and validated in this world. Rewilding is a return to a state of being which is more natural, more wild and more in touch with my truth. In practical terms, it’s a return to my senses, my intuitive feelings, returning to my core wisdom which I have silenced for many many years as a means of fitting in and pleasing others.”

ruby wolf press came out of hibernation with rubedo and wants to continue sharing the words of women who are on that path of reclamation, of becoming their authentic selves. This publishing press is interested in those women who are writing to get past the bullshit of society, of others and of themselves in order to really feel and know and appreciate their wild feminine within. Their light and their dark selves are being explored in the practice of reconnecting with their true divine self.

ruby wolf press is interested in sharing these explorations and experiences so that women out there who are on similar paths know they are not alone in their quest.