Digital Prints

This gallery shares with you beautiful textured digital prints of original abstract paintings. Available in a selection of sizes to buy on request.

Individual descriptions accompany each series to give you an idea about the inspiration behind them.

The Tropical Series 

This summer during my social media hiatus, I’ve been spending time with multiple art journals spend out over my desk and playing with colour. Wearing headphones and listening to music, I found myself dancing between each journal sharing paint, making marks and switching off my inner critic. Inspired by the music, the lyrics and different colour palettes to my usual choice this series was created.

Blocks of orange mix with dashes of blues, greens and yellows. 

These are rich and textured prints which are vibrant and joyful and forceful. They  remind me of tropical birds of paradise.

Ruby Howl
Ruby Howl

School Picture Blocks

These are vibrant and abstract smooth digital prints which were inspired by collage artist and designer, Rex Ray. Just taking one shape or colour from his selected artworks, and then multiplying, or enlarging or mixing them, this series took on a form of its own. They feel muted and quiet at the same time as shocking and deep. They remind me of colour transparencies which we could make pictures with at school. Shiny, glossy papers that squeaked and rustled when handled but when stuck down on paper made me feel so happy.


© 2018 Living Wild Studios

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