In May 2016, I fulfilled a long-time personal goal of visiting Iceland. I’m not sure where this dream came from. But I do know I was fascinated by the landscape as well as the genetic make up of the population. The idea that contemporary Icelanders can be traced back to a small gene pool of […]




Going on long train journeys as a child, I remember picking up these magazines where there was a girl’s body in underwear. On other pages were clothes with white tabs that you had to cut out and then dress up her body. I used to love the cutting out and creating different ensemble every time. […]

Digital Prints

This gallery shares with you beautiful textured digital prints of original abstract paintings. Available in a selection of sizes to buy on request. Individual descriptions accompany each series to give you an idea about the inspiration behind them. The Tropical Series  This summer during my social media hiatus, I’ve been spending time with multiple art journals […]


Taking my obsession with the seas a little bit further with this project, I move in close to examine the texture and movement of the water. At this proximity, the seas loses all her recognition parameters and becomes something else; cloth, leather, lace ruffles, skin. I love how the light plays upon her pleats, her […]

Mixed-media creations

There are days when I’m tired and can’t be bothered to go into the studio to create anything major. When the thought of pulling out all my paints and brushes and papers seems like a mountain to climb. When all I want to do is sit on my backside in front of the TV and […]

Abstract Paintings

For many years, I stayed away from paints. I denied myself a lot of pleasure through harbouring the belief that I couldn’t paint because I didn’t have any qualifications. Who did I think I was picking up a paint brush? For many years, I stayed away from paints. I denied myself a lot of pleasure […]


I started using self-portraiture as medicine after completing a number of master photography courses with Catherine Just. During these explorations, I developed my practice of using myself as muse, as persona and as being worthy. For a time back there, I couldn’t look myself in the eye, I couldn’t bear looking at myself. This practice of […]

Visual Journaling

Each day, usually in the morning, and sometimes when everyone else is asleep, I visual journal. This is my time and space to talk to myself. To have those all important conversations with myself about all that is happening in my life. This creative practice is my life line. But what is visual journaling? After […]

#100 Days of Abstracts

As a means of honouring the process rather than the product, with the focus being on practice, trial and error, I gentle offer myself the space of completing 100 abstract paintings starting 1st Jan 2019. I purposefully kept the challenge loose and open. There are no rules except completing a piece each day on a […]

ten things

ten: nine 09/05/2019 1. Early morning, I wake to the sound of  bin men. I want the covers. I close my eyes. I want the darkness. 2. I want rest in this safe cocoon. 3. I’m constant and fluid. 4. I want chai latte with oat milk, extra hot  in a take away cup.  I’m […]

#100 days of blackwomen

This year’s #The100dayproject is taking place between April 2- July 10. Over the years, I’ve attempted to complete the 100 days but have never managed to. I’ve tried it with black out poetry, collage, photography but have never managed to reach the 100 mark, giving up in the first few weeks. 2019 has been a […]

Sheree Mack Writes

I got to thinking, that in the redraft of this website, I took away my writing. I set up a sistasite for that and then failed to write there. Over the past few weeks coming back into this space through the blogging and #100dayproject stuff, I’ve realised I’ve missed sharing my creations with you, my […]


I feel as if the Goddess has always been with me and it is only now that I’m taking notice. A bronzy-gold statue bought back in 2016 from Lindy Lawler advertised as ‘Venus of Willendorf Inspired, a Fertility Goddess Statue,’ I was immediately stuck by her beauty. Her beauty because of her full figure, rotund […]

Visual Journaling – Part 2

There are days, sometimes weeks that go by when I forget how much my creative practice depends on visual journaling. When I get into a groove, mixing colours on the blank page and then filling it with text and images, it becomes second nature. Seldom do I backtrack and appreciate the time and effort and […]