Iceland Insights

For years, I’ve told myself that I don’t like January. I’ve looked upon this period of time, the winter, as the after party, after the highs of the holidays. It’s usually dark, dismal and dull, so my mood usually takes a plunge into darkness also.

Last year was the first year I managed my mood through practicing hygge. I would spend my days out walking in nature in the morning and then back home to get all cosy in my studio, drinking hot coffee and write and create gently. I had things planned in for the rest of the year but I took the beginning of the year as a time to go within and rest as well as stay positive through the darkness.

I intend to practice hygge again this coming January as a gift to myself along with a trip to Iceland. I’m in the final stages of planning the creative retreat in Iceland in June 2018. I want to check out a few galleries and natural wonders before the summer. I also want to catch a glimpse of the Northern Lights when they are at their most spectacular.

As a means of getting me in the mood and as a reminder to myself why I love Iceland so much and want to share this love with the retreat, I am creating an Iceland Oracle Deck linked into a photo/ journal challenge called #icelandinsights.

The aim of #icelandinsights is to share beautiful images of Iceland and images of my oracle deck at the same time as sharing facts, figures, insights and personal thoughts and feelings about this wonderful place; it’s history, geography, culture, arts, legends etc.

Each day in January there will be a one word prompt. These words are taken from my Iceland Oracle deck and can be interpretated any way you wish. You don’t have to link into my Iceland obsession as each word can mean a different thing to you. These words have significance to everyone in one way or another. I invite you to share your images and text with me in response. Just use the hashtags #icelandinsights so we can find each other in cyberspace.

I’ll be sharing on my first love Instagram which is linked into my Living Wild Studios Facebook page and twitter and Pinterest accounts. I’ll also be sharing my insights here on this website too.

You are more than welcome to join in. Happy Inpsiring January.