PAD/009 –  from these moments of dear light,


found poem

50% of young black men unemployed, 

what we need are a few lines of purple

Black people four times more than white to lose their jobs 

to fill the gaping hole in our hearts with hope

suspected of committing a crime, stopped and searched for no reason

these noisy sparks could trample our souls, damage our being

police abuse their powers, they commit a crime

we got to listen to the leaning season

the justice system not provide a fair trial when arrested under ‘SUS’

we have to hang on, try to get through winter

a Black youth stabbed, stopped by the police on his way to hospital

when the wind picks up and snow marks our path

 police presence and then more police, a crowd gathering 

such tears, such unstemmed tears makes everything muted

three days a protest against racist policing, a rallying cry

 listen when you step out again, vulnerable and raw,

gather the colour purple, great, big, fluffy heaps of purple  

from these moments of dear light

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