PAD/ 003 – stand on any corner of the fire city, look west to death

After Eve Ewing

we come from fire city, it’s been so for generations.

we show the whites of our teeth, to put you at ease.

we real cool*, sound and safe. down in the ashes of our homes,

we know how to conceal, the flick of flames,

through practice. we advise you to not come any closer, 

not to touch our hair, say, or our anointed skin. we know.

we burn our own lips before we speak of our tiredness

and frustrations,  before we call out your actions for what 

they really are. don’t look at the sun, yes that hot. 

we lie down, spread out ruby, vermillion, red lapping waves,

thinking of an alternative era when fire kissed truths burn

our birth into freedom and laughter and love.

*homage to Gwendolyn Brookes too x. 

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