I’ve been resting up this weekend, after feeling exhausted and a bit depressed. I leaned into my creative practice as well as self-care practices such as fresh air, walking, yoga to make sure I finished the weekend in a better place.

I sat on Sunday evening creating a little gift for anyone and everyone who has been enjoying my sea posts throughout this time of quarantine. I’m taking a break for a while from social media and probably blogging too as I rest and go within. I’ll still be completing my poetry and my #100daysofblackwomen but just not posting them anywhere publicly. All the more to share when I do return.

In the UK, we have another 3 weeks of the coronavirus lockdown.  I want to use this time to tap into my inner wisdom more and ramp up my self-care and self-love practices. I want to come out of this darkness a better version of me. Transformation takes time and effort but I’m willing to make the sacrifice.

I leave you Seaswim,the first of many zines that I’m planning to bring out of the studios during 2020. I hope you enjoy this beginning.

4 thoughts on “SeaSwim

  1. Thank you Sheree. That’s beautiful. Your pictures and writing make me want to go into the ocean here, even though i HATE being cold!!! You just make it sound like such a wonderful thing to do…

    Thinking about you and your family. Sending you Love.


    1. Oh Willow so pleased to see you here. Thank you for taking the time to download and read my work and connect with it on such a deep level. You’ll be more than welcome to enter the sea with me. Sending love and hugs right back at ya for you and your family. Stay safe x


  2. What a gift Sheree – I love this!! Such a beautiful dance of your intimacy with the sea. I dabbled my toes in dance with the Salish Sea the other day and thought of you. Now even more so, knowing that we are connected
    by oceans. Love you!


    1. Hello Stranger, how lovely to see you here. Thank you for taking the time to read my work Sarah. It’s good to know we’re connected with so many miles between us. This zine inspired me to get back in and enjoying a 2 day streak now. Wish I could dip in the Salish sea, the Pacific Ocean the whole shebang over in your neck of the woods. Soon come x


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